Fast & Friendly Sprinkler Repairs in Pembroke Pines, FL

two of our Pembroke Pines irrigation contractors are in the process of fixing a sprinkler systemWe have some tips to keep your sprinkler system in good shape. If you feel comfortable with minor repairs, here are a few you can try at home. When you need help from the pros, call your Pembroke Pines irrigation contractors.

Head To Head Coverage

You will want to check that you are getting uniform coverage over your lawn. If you start to notice brown spots or patchiness, turn the sprinklers on manually and survey the situation. You will want to check and see if there are any areas that seem to be getting less water. If there is, our Pembroke Pines irrigation contractors can help you fix the problem for more uniform, head to head coverage.


Pembroke Pines FL sprinkler repair tech calibrates a sprinkler headIf you get wet walking on the sidewalks next to your lawn while the sprinklers are on, this is almost certainly an issue with calibration. In addition, visible rust spots from sprinkler overspray is also indicative of sprinklers in need of calibration.


It's a good idea to make sure that when operating, your sprinkler heads have adequate pressure, a normal spray pattern, and proper clearance over the grass. Clearance issues are a matter of both mowing the grass, and adjusting your sprinkler heads.

Replace Broken Heads

Replacing a broken pop-up head with a RainbirdOver time, and with constant exposure to sunlight, sprinkler heads may become brittle and break. This is normal, and a good reason to regularly check that your sprinkler heads are operational and intact. If you need any assistance in finding the best sprinkler heads for your system, or you just need help installing them, we are the Pembroke Pines team for the job.


Even if your sprinkler heads are intact, they may clog up from time to time. This inhibits the flow of water and effects the coverage of your sprinkler system. Make sure to regularly check for clogs and periodically clean them with water, and replace the filter.

When the situation is tough, call the Pembroke Pines irrigation contractors!